Martin & Amanda at the New York Premiere of The Hobbit  [Video]

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i had seriously convinced myself that they were brown! 


i mean, they’re gorgeous eyes, really frickin awesome but


ground-breaking analysis in the martin freeman tag

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Dear Tumblr: Shut Up.


I used to go up for parts as gay bare-knuckle boxers and nasty debt collectors.

This is one of the first things he says in the article. Already you can see the homophobia just dripping off of him.

Note: Like Freeman himself usually is, I am being extremely sarcastic here.

He introduces me to his family - his girlfriend, actress Amanda Abbington, two-year-old son Joseph and dachshund Archie - makes me a cup of tea and pulls out the biscuits.

Yep. This is a truly awful person right here, as you can clearly see.

Note: I’m being sarcastic again.

Freeman says racism is totally wrong yet insists multiculturism divides rather than unites people.

That would be because it does. We actually studied this in some of my social sciences classes.

“When I moved up here this woman I know said, ‘Ooh! There are a lot of whiteys up there’, and I said, ‘I love white people; I’ve no problem with them at all.”

The idea was that I was going to complain because there weren’t enough blues dances out here; not enough ragga around. But I’m not bothered by it.

He’s being funny. Seriously. Have you ever actually watched anything he’s ever been in.

Also, to the writer, please learn how to write because frankly, you’re shit at it. I honestly cannot tell when quotes are quotes or you are speaking. Your quotation marks are completely unintelligible.

“Multiculturalism hasn’t and doesn’t help, because rightly or wrongly it polarises people so much,” he continues.

It does.

“Racism is one thing - and I don’t agree with that in any form - but noticing that there are differences is normal and fine and to be encouraged.

“We’ve reached a state now where it’s, ‘You shouldn’t notice. Why are you noticing he’s got a bomb and has a beard and is Muslim and wants to kill your family?”

Part of what Black Pride was/is all about is noticing your differences and being proud of them. In the Sixties, it was all about Black is Beautiful and not wanting to be like the white counterparts, because there are differences and their differences are beautiful.

Noticing isn’t the problem. The problem is objectification. The problem is stereotyping and generalizing. He isn’t stereotyping or generalizing or objectifying here.

Again, this was something we talked about ad nauseum in at least one of my social science classes. To be specific, the one on disability rights - or, you know, human rights…

Freeman, whose diction is sharp and precise, his accent neither common nor posh, speaks in long paragraphs such as this, expressing love for something in one breath and derision for something else in the next.

Oh for the love of - it’s not derision. It’s a paradox. He’s just said that himself, you bloody moron. And it’s true: actors get typecast. Musicians get stuck with something similar: you get big off of one song and at every concert after people all want you to play that one song. It’s obnoxious.

In The Good Night, just released on DVD, he gets to snog both Gwyneth Paltrow and Penélope Cruz.

Snogging Penelope Cruz. The lucky bastard is definitely a racist.

Oh, wait, you won’t get the sarcasm here either because apparently you forgot that there are more races than just black and white.

“I really liked hip-hop until the gangsta rap took over. I come from a time when not every rap record was ‘nigga’ this and ‘nigga’ that; an earlier socially and morally conscious hip-hop sensibility, when it was, ‘Don’t call people nigga’.”

“But now it’s nigga, nigga, nigga, and it’s not funny or interesting politically, artistically or socially. I really don’t like it.”

Yep. Martin Freeman must be a racist because he dislikes the use of racist language, no matter who’s using it.

Obligatory note that the statement above was sarcasm.

Talking of which… ‘The funny thing about the acting business is that there are more poofs in it than you can have hot dinners thrown at you,’ he says.

You’ve thought it. You can deny it all you like, but you have. Every time someone in the entertainment industry comes out - Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, Neil Patrick Harris, David Hyde Pierce, Lindsay Lohan, Jane Lynch - you wonder why there are so many gay famous people. You’ve heard those ‘thespian-did-you-say-lesbian’ jokes before. Martin Freeman’s just actually said it, and the whole reason a lot of people are probably throwing him under the bus for this comment is because they feel guilty for thinking it themselves.

Also, “talking of which”? No, seriously, please go take a remedial writing course right now, you’re simply awful.

“But no one is out. It’s not so bad here, but in Hollywood ? Jesus Christ. Why don’t they just admit it? No one cares if they’re gay or not. I certainly don’t.

In this so-called liberal industry, no one has the guts to come out because of “the box office”, but someone has to be the first in the firing line.

It’s true, I think, and not just for celebrities. People feel like it’ll be such a big, awful catastrophe if they come out and then when they do…no one is surprised, no one is upset, and nobody really cares.

And I think what he meant by all this was that it really wasn’t helping the whole Equality movement that nobody’s willing to step out and say “I’m gay, and it doesn’t matter because it’s none of your business.” Nobody has to come out as hetero. I think Freeman is more frustrated by the people who pretend to be straight. Frankly, I find it stupid that some people pretend to be straight. It really isn’t helping things, it’s actually making them worse.

People should stand up and be counted.

I’m not sure what the problem was with this statement.

In short, don’t forget you’re also interviewing him about style. Just as knowing his own style, what he wants out of it, caring about the way he looks doesn’t make him gay, a few non-PC comments doesn’t make him a racist or a homophobe.

Especially considering the fact that he’s a fucking Johnlock/Schwatsonlock shipper, people.

Conclusion: You’re all morons, this writer is bloody terrible at their jobs, and clearly I’m related to him because I say shit like this all the time.

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Martin doesn’t use computers much. He prefers his scripts to be sent through the post, rather than by email. He has an old school/ditto man quality about him - he likes rooting through record shops, he doesn’t drive, he’s not interested in going out with famous friends to celebrity watering holes. ‘God, no,’ he explodes. ‘I don’t do any of that shit. I’ve got a stag weekend coming up and I’ve said I’m not doing anything more than a few drinks. I won’t have it. I’ll go home and watch Antiques Roadshow.’ He’s happy to stay up late, but only within his own house: ‘Looking at the wall, or stroking the dog, or playing DVDs, or football on the X-box.’ He actually sounds worried about the stag do: ‘Well, it’s exactly why I don’t go out - well, I do, but I like smaller groups because you can keep a handle on things, and you don’t end up thinking, “How did I end up coming on this model’s tits and then killing her?” If you stay in watching Antiques Roadshow, that kind of shit doesn’t happen.’

(article) “Martin Freeman: Master of the universe”, 2005

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wait is he wearing a head band

he bedazzled it himself


Just a quick sad note on this otherwise glorious Sunday morning.

While scrolling the Martin Freeman tag for shiny pictures I came across photos which definitely should not have been posted.

In this country publishing a photo of a minor without their parents consent is actually illegal. Thats why papers blur the faces of peoples children. Every time you make a post on tumblr or reblog a photo that constitutes publishing.

This means that every time someone posts or reblogs that picture of Benedict and Martin with Martins children they’re technically committing an act that could result in the coppers coming to your door. Quite a risk don’t you think?

I must admit I’m astounded that the photos were published in the first place, they should never have seen the light of day. It’s such a dreadful breach of the Freeman’s privacy. I was proud of the fandom when the immediate response to the pictures being published was widespread condemnation. A lot of fandoms don’t care about the actors privacy, the Sherlock fandom does and I love that. But why in gods name are these pictures still doing the rounds? The mother of the children in question has made it clear that you do not have parental consent to post the images and that she and Martin are not happy with the images being out there.

So if you have posted or reblogged them because you just weren’t thinking please take them down immediately. It’s a horrendous breach of privacy and removing them is just simple common decency.

However if you won’t do it because it’s the decent thing to do then let’s look at pure self interest as a motivating factor. Firstly having the images on your blog could result in you being sued or visited by the police. At the very least your tumblr will be shut down and your IP address blocked.

secondly The one question I get asked more than any other (literally probably about 20 times a day via email, twitter and tumblr) is when does Sherlock series 3 start filming, will I know in advance where they are filming and will I let everyone know? To which of course my answers are no clue, no and no, because I won’t know. But given that there is clearly a massive interest in watching the filming and people are offering to fly over to see it how likely do you think that any of it will be publicly accessible (instead of hidden behind huge black tarpaulins like they use on Who) if people keep ignoring the requests of the male lead not to splash images of his children all over the net?

Please take the photos down and DONT repost them. A post like this should never have been necessary.

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Martin Freeman singing.

“Dear fans, all the gratitude. All of it. Very sincerely yours, Martin Freeman.”

Dear fans, all the gratitude. All of it. Very sincerely yours, Martin Freeman.”

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Martin as Rembrandt and Benedict as Van Gogh. Wait. WHAT.

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