I like things to look nice and orderly. But we step over each other sometimes, and I find my socks in her bag. Sometimes Susan calms me down and other times she’s the reason I am annoyed.

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“Pepper, pay attention to me”

I guess she forgot to take him on a walk today

if anyone needs me i’ll just be over here laughing for the next ten years

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Robert Downey Jr., on having confidence in yourself (x).

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Let’s play a little game called “spot the 5 year old.”


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It’s a Downey thing - Indio & Robert.

RDJ:  And last, and this is really gonna drive him nuts — [to Indio in the audience] would you mind just standing up for a second?  This is my first-born son, Indio. He’s been through everything with me and he still couldn’t be bothered to put on a tux on this Friday night, drag his girlfriend here when he probably should be rehearsing with his band. They’ve got a gig tomorrow night.”

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