As much as I love the growth of technology and how brilliant iPads are ect, I find it a bit sad that schools are now introducing this technology into the classroom so heavily. A young girl on an interview just said how she loved ‘painting’ on the tablet. It’s sad to think unnecessary technology may kill off traditional media and learning for good. Just let her paint in actual paints for fuck sake. We risk creating a generation who are unable to do anything unless it’s on a screen in front of them and it’s not worth it.

As a person who’s school has a whole “Digital conversion” thing going on (4th-12th grade has laptops from the school that they can take home every day and younger than that has iPads) I can tell you that that’s not entirely true. We teach kids how to write on paper and do traditional art and whatever. Most of the time we don’t even use the laptops to replace paper tests or worksheets. Most of the stuff we use them for is related to creating and presenting projects or movies or communicating outside of class with other students. I get that that’s not everywhere, but it just bothers me how much people complain about incorporating technology when I know from personal experience that it’s amazing and awesome and incredibly useful.

That’s fantastic and in that case I wholly support the use of technology aiding in education. Perhaps the school that was featured was just more extreme in the amount they use it? They were literally for every class, subject and task they had. In this case, I don’t like it but if used with traditional learning, then that’s a perfect use of technology in education.

Thanks for your thoughts. It’s been nice to hear from someone who’s living through this. :)

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